Digital Tools
Some of my favorite digital tools and software programs that help me run my business. Many of them have free plans or free trial periods.
The platform I use to host my websites (including this one).
Digital business cards and physical products that are NFC enabled. Some have QR codes as well.
Scheduling platform that allows for multiple links, and has a convenient Google Chrome plug-in for quick sharing.
What I use to record all of my podcasts and remote interviews.
Where I host the Honey & Hustle platform. Great UX/UI, analytics, and monetization tools.
Swell AI
AI writing for your podcast, YouTube channel, and more.
Organizes all my email account in one inbox for me and my operations manager.
A great place to write a part from the chaos of Twitter. You can have multiple accounts and it has many tools to help you grow your following.
Where I get all my royalty-free music. They also have sound effects.
Bulls of Durham
Best for business owners local to Durham. Online community perks and in-person events to help your business grow.
I use this primarily for Linkedin post scheduling as it allows you to schedule the first comment as well. It can be used for any social media platform and gets updated regularly.
Affiliate Disclosure: the links above contain affiliate links that give me a small commission at no extra cost to you.
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